A Fresh Season

Even though the Bible already says this, I am still often perplexed by how God's ways are completely different from man's ways. This year was not at all what I expected it to be, but life with God is hardly ever dull.

While, on the outward, summer seemed to be the brightest of the four seasons, I felt like my life was in a perpetually dark place. And now, with it being wintry and cold outside, my joy has never been more full. There are times when God enables me to catch a glimpse of His purposes in my life, and the past few weeks have been packed with times like this. Despite the first half of the year being filled with anger and pain, I can now see His faithful love in these very sorrows. God, in His mercy and kindness, would not see me continue down the road I was on, and allowed trials in every area that I might come out refined and made whole. What had felt to me like a striking from the hand of the Lord was, in fact, the loving kindness of the Lord.

Too much has happened for me to note it all down, but a few of the numerous things I am most thankful for this year includes:
1. Recognition of the reality of Jesus Christ, and the reality of my life in Him;
2. Purified relationships when all is said and done;
3. The privilege of offering up to my Savior that which I hold dear;
4. Receiving the vision for my life from the God of the Universe; and
5. Loving the person that I am, and am becoming.

My God is a God of wonders, and His faithfulness never ceases to captivate me. I am even more in love with my Redeemer, and I praise Him with all that I am.

"Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?" -Job 2:10b

Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.