Homebound and Not In a Hurry

I have now lost track of the number of flights I have taken back to Malaysia, but here I am again, waiting to catch my first flight out of Omaha for my long haul back home.

2016 has already been quite the year, yet there is still so much more to celebrate these next two weeks with my best friend's wedding and Christmas with the family. Year after year, God has overflown my cup with His goodness and faithfulness.

Just last night, each of us were sharing at our last Candlewood International Fellowship gathering of the year how God has grown us these past few months. While I always feel like God is teaching me 10 lessons at a time, the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart to share one thing, and that is the lesson of not being in a hurry.

With my level of joy being highly correlated with my level of productivity far too many times, God has been training me to receive delays, interruptions, and fruitlessness with humility and joy. These things, as most perfectionists can attest, are nearly impossible to endure, much less with gladness. And yet, it is not, for all things are possible with Christ. I am still at a distance from where I need to be, but much further from where I used to be. I praise Him.

"You also, be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand." -James 5:8

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