Another First Day

Today was the first day of my very first internship. Since I did not get much sleep the night before due to a severe case of excitement and anxiety, I will need to retire early tonight. But before I do, I need to share what God has done today. Because He has done much.

It is always an inexplicably marvelous experience to be knowingly living in an answered prayer, and I got to do just that today. I knew that there were amazing people who were also lifting up my first day of work to God in prayer, and God Himself kept reminding me that I need not be afraid because He ain't gonna leave my side.

I cannot describe how many things amazed me today, from the impossible lack of traffic jam both ways, to the shocking ease of parking at a tricky spot, to my new colleagues who were nothing but patient and gentle with me, to free lunch and dinner snacks, to my aunt providing what I need at work despite not working at the office today, to the unearned right to leave work early even on my first day because my colleagues had discovered how far I lived from work, saw that it was raining heavily, knew that I needed to be somewhere by a certain time tonight, and decided to shoo me out of the office...and to the joy of walking in His faithfulness.

Work, I discovered, is a little bit like high school. I packed a water bottle and some snacks in my bag the night before, woke up early to take a shower and get in the outfit-of-the-day (which my wonderful mother had chosen for the important first day), met many new friends and tried to remember their names, realized that there were many smart people around, and attempted to be as friendly and honest as I could. I, of course, failed at a number of these things, but God's grace was there each time. It has been a humbling day of learning many new things, and I look forward to more days like this.