New Season

Tomorrow, I begin my internship. Last night, I was having a nightmare about accidentally snoozing my alarm clock -as I am wont to do- and waking up much too late for work. Then lo and behold, my alarm did not ring at all this morning and when my mother finally woke me up for my meet-up with some beloved sisters in Christ, I checked and saw that the alarm clock was set to p.m. instead of a.m. I suspect that tonight's sleep is going to be rather interesting, if I get to sleep at all. I plan to have at least 3 alarm clocks blaring in my ears at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.

My absolutely rational fear of being late for work aside, I recently went for a getaway to Malacca with my parents and aunt over the weekend. It was a relaxing time filled with lots of sumptuous food and good music, and the only thing that I felt was missing was my brother.

God has been faithful, as always, and been providing all that I need before I begin this new season in my life: new work clothes, a car, a GPS, and the blessed assurance that He will be with me day in and day out. Thank You, Father!


Full Days

It has been a month since I last blogged, and God has certainly been filling my days with good things and good people that gladden my heart.

My brother's time at home was brief, but nevertheless eventful. The highlight of his time back home with us was the joy of partaking of the Holy Communion at church as a complete family. There was no precedent to this moment, and I pray for the day when my whole family worships God wholeheartedly. Later that same day, we went for a family photo-shoot to celebrate the completion of my brother's Master's degree, and my Bachelor's degree. Now, that picture and the picture captured during my brother's Bachelor's graduation years ago stands side by side on the piano in the hall. To me, they are a beautiful testament to God's watching over our coming and going in every season.

Yet another joyous day for me was a few Tuesdays ago, when my mother -after many repeated invitations from many friends over many years- decided to join the Bible Study Fellowship that I had only joined for the first time two weeks before that. I know God is faithful and will sustain us through each week as we grow in knowing and loving Him more through the lectures, notes, daily studies, and above all, time spent with Him. We can already say that we have learned heaps even in the first four chapters of Matthew, and look forward to discovering more of Jesus this year.

A few of the good people that God has blessed my days with lately are beloved friends from my high school, college, and university days. I think the Holy Spirit had nudged my dear sister in Christ in Lincoln to give me a gorgeous calendar as a graduation gift when I left Lincoln in December because I have been penning down road-trips and meet-ups with different people on different days. My decaying memory is tremendously thankful for this preciously pink, floral, and Bible verse-laden calendar.

There is also more to praise Jesus for: I will be interning at my uncle's business newspaper company in the next few months to experience what data research and analysis is all about before heading back to Lincoln this Fall to pursue my Master's degree in the same field, because I got into the program! God is always brimming with fun and delightful surprises, and I stand in awe of such a mighty God who loves me through and through.

At the end of this post, I now cannot understand how I ever found reason to complain about anything at all in my abundant life. Truly, if Jesus is all I have, I have all I need. And yet, He chooses to give me more than I need. Words escape me as I struggle to thank Him. I pray that not a day goes by when all that I am fails to glorify my King.

Over and out...to have dinner with some friends from church.