My Kind of Fun

The week has gone by in a blink to me. As the old adage goes, time flies when you're having fun. Spending the entire week with my cousin sisters has been quite a treat for the child in me. I felt like I was 6 again, but with permission to do the things we had always wanted to do. From Monday to Friday, we visited the mall, watched a movie, crafted 'til 2 a.m., chatted over coffee, met up with friends, baked muffins, painted T-shirts, attempted synchronized swimming, took a ton of pictures, and laughed to our hearts' content. My family rocks my world.

Once I left my cousins' place, I got to hang out with my wonderful babysitters-who-are-also-my-relatives. I missed them dearly and hadn't seen them in almost 2 years. It is always a joy to hear their hilarious stories and what has been going on with their pets.

I also got the privilege of going on two movie dates in the past two days; one with my father and one with my best friend. The weekend is almost over, but there are more good people I am about to meet. Tomorrow is Sunday, and some very precious sisters-in-Christ I had come to know and adore in Nebraska will be coming down to spend the day with me: church, lunch, tea, dinner, and a sleepover. I am so thrilled to have them over! We call ourselves 'The Joy Luck Club,' for one obvious reason: We rock. (Not that I have read the book...or remembered much from the movie adaptation. I'm pretty sure there are many discrepancies between those characters and us. But those can be overlooked.)

This has been a spectacular week. Thank You, Jesus. Your blessings go beyond my wildest dreams.

In other news, I have recently hopped on the science-fiction and fantasy bandwagon. All I really want to read and watch are only of the genre. Earlier this evening, I visited the local bookstore and went to the Science Fiction/Fantasy aisle, and was greeted with many little boys who looked to be no older than 12. I couldn't get a good view of the book spines and unabashedly tried to wiggle my way through. It was a shameless act, but that is how much I like stories of the fantastic these days. Now...back to the book.

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