This Freedom

My dear God,

Thank You for the past 20 years of my life. Entering into my 21st year, I marvel at Your faithfulness amidst my every valley and mountain top moment. Thank You for the joy and peace this world cannot give, and thank You for giving them to me in abundance. Thank You for the dream in my heart, and thank You for new and changing dreams as I walk closer with You. Thank You for returning my rubbish with the finest gold. I remember with great clarity how You came through for me in my worst times 2 years ago, brandishing Your sword and shield to fight my battle for me. I don't know why You did it after all I had done, but thank You, Jesus, You did it anyway.

There are so many things in this life to thank You for. I thank You for my precious family: for a father whose love can move mountains; for a mother whose devotion goes beyond the call of motherhood; and for a brother whose care makes the heart leap with joy. You gave me the best this earth could hold, and yet they still barely mirror Your perfect love, perfect devotion and perfect care. Lord, You are so good to me.

Thank You for the many extras You lavish me with: more precious family and more precious friends, exquisite food on the table every day, delightful books to get lost in, the enjoyment of my education and work, life lessons to learn each day, trials to endure and grow from, opportunities to move for You and see You move, a voice to praise You, hands to lift up to the heavens, the growing fruit of the Spirit, pain that You do not waste, and ten thousand more. Life is indeed a treat in the God lane.

Lord Jesus, You are my greatest treasure in this life and the next. I want to enjoy You all the days of my life, and go where You call me to go. I am not there yet, but thank You that I am closer now than I was before. Continue to give me my daily bread, and help me never to tire of the Gospel, Lord. Remind me every moment of what You have done for me, of Your blood shed on the cross for my sake, of Your grace that is sufficient for me, of Your Spirit that empowers me.

It must be true, then? You love me.

"I can't wait to join the angels and sing my heaven song." -Phil Wickham

I really can't wait, Lord. It must be true, too: I love You.

From my heart to Yours,
Your Daughter

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