All Shapes and Sizes

To be blessed is to have extraordinary friends who call my mother on her birthday, make plans to take her out for brunch and stress on what (food-related) present to get her.

To be blessed is to have my cousin brother preparing dinner with me in the kitchen and telling me enthralling stories about his childhood right after dinner.

To be blessed is to have a Math professor who took ten minutes out of precious class time to tell us that it is alright to feel stupid and to get us acquainted with math humor and math maturity.

To be blessed is to have a Geology professor whose ridiculous excitement for rain drops splattering on a muddy surface is beyond comparison.

To be blessed is to be praying for something as simple as a ride and to be receiving a call (offering a ride) fifteen minutes before the appointed time.

To be blessed is to be passed a sweet note from a beautiful sister in Christ with an invitation to our upcoming "secret club"...and to be given the nickname Schnazzlefrazz.

To be blessed is to have the dear company of my uncle and aunt who loved me as their own.

To be blessed is to have my thoughts, intentions and actions admonished by the Man Upstairs.

To be blessed is to have family and friends I miss everyday, and yet have family and friends right in my midst.

To be blessed is to be given the doubting of my own plan and the assurance of God's plan.

To be blessed is to have faith that God's hands are moving, and to be given the opportunity to witness it.

To be blessed is to have the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7).

God has been good.


True Identity (Not the Movie)

So, the one who lost in the card game tonight would be in charge of the next dinner...and of course, I had to lose. Oy. But I am thankful that my aunt cooked tonight and only had me chopping garlic. I am sure everyone was relieved that we had a proper dinner instead of the instant noodles I was really planning on cooking. Double oy.

Rewinding back to the start of the day, we all woke up in the wee hours of the morning to run some errands on campus. The lady at the health center saw my face one too many times today and even remarked, "It's you again!" upon my third visit of the day. Oops.

In other awesome news, my long-awaited all-new good-lookin' floral-covered NIV Bible is finally in my hands. I suppose it is now a good time to work on becoming a woman. Because I almost puked a little typing that, I am clearly not one yet.

I will now come to an abrupt end.

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." -John 8:36



The last few days of 2011 and the first few days of 2012 have been highly eventful because God is always full of surprises.

The Faithwalkers conference in Omaha was nothing short of rewarding and I am thankful that God showed up in far too many ways -one of which was through the invaluable counsel a pastor-slash-geologist blessed me with. I am still reeling over God's goodness and gentleness.

The day after I got back from the conference, my relatives and I hit the freeway in search of something fun to do outside of Lincoln. Since the Strategic Air and Space Museum which we had initially planned to visit was closed for the holidays, we decided to embark on our own mini excursion in the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park. I concede that I have now developed a greater respect for Nebraska.

Night came and we invited a friend over for dinner. Once we were done scarfing down the exquisite food on the table, we decided to play a nifty card game for about two hours before toasting to the new year with cans of 7 Up. 'Twas a great night.

The morning of January the first arrived all too quickly and I jumped out of bed to head to church. I reminisced about the exact same moment last year -when I was running away from God- and marveled at the very moment I was in this year -when I was and still am running to God. There has been much He has seen me through. I am thankful. And more.

Afternoon rolled around and I fell ill. After much resting in the evening, I was still feeling unwell. I eventually felt better after a round of the card game with my relatives. It is really quite a sight to watch a family -mother, father and son- try their level best to sabotage each other. I am convinced that the most amusing part of every game is the unleashing of every player's true self. 

It is now the night of January the second and we have just finished yet another round of the card game. The winner would have to prepare dinner tomorrow. Everyone is going to have to make do with instant noodles...as it is one of my favorites. Heehee.

Off to bed!

"Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom." -Psalm 145:3