Winter Warmth

Today was quite like every other day since the break began. My uncle, aunt and I went to the mall for Boxing Day while my cousin brother chilled in the apartment. Two hours later, we picked up my cousin brother for a Vietnamese lunch in a car that was now filled with shopping bags. Haw haw haw. Right after lunch, we thought about what to cook for dinner and hit the supermarket for the missing ingredients. The first thing my rad uncle did was pick up a family-sized bag of chips and dump it into the cart. Then, he went on to fill the cart with a tub of cookies and cream ice-cream. I was a happy child.

Dinner turned out to be the highlight of the day again. My aunt demonstrated her excellent chicken-chopping skills and asked her son and me to follow suit. The chicken pieces became interesting shapes and sizes when she handed the knife over to us. It was a painful sight. But boy was it fun! With the wonderful supervision of my aunt and the careful cooking of my cousin, the food served was unbelievably good! They have certainly got a fan in me.

Tomorrow, I will be going for a four-day conference in the hopes of taking a few more steps forward in my journey with the Man Upstairs. I know He will not disappoint. He is Awesome like that.

T -  5 days 'til the new year...and new battles. Time to flail. And claim victory in Christ.

"You go before me and follow me. You place Your hand of blessing on my head." - Psalm 139:5

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