The Lincoln Musical

Thanksgiving had been supremely marvelous. The past few days were, hands-down, the greatest days of the semester. I quiver at the immense goodness of the Man Upstairs. What a blessing to be reunited with the best of friends. The good times -involving intense card games, awkward high fives, late-night chats, "bimbotic" tendencies, jukebox moments, the reminiscence of older good times- were far too numerous to count. I could try describing just how precious those times were...but words would never do it justice. Now that the dearly missed friends are no longer here, the apartment feels emptier than usual even though nothing changed. I suppose when amazing presence comes, and then goes, the void becomes magnified.

Cheers to friends who light up my life. Cheers to friends who stay. Cheers to friends in joy and sorrow. Cheers to friends who are like no other. Cheers to friends like these.

I am thankful.