The Lincoln Musical

Thanksgiving had been supremely marvelous. The past few days were, hands-down, the greatest days of the semester. I quiver at the immense goodness of the Man Upstairs. What a blessing to be reunited with the best of friends. The good times -involving intense card games, awkward high fives, late-night chats, "bimbotic" tendencies, jukebox moments, the reminiscence of older good times- were far too numerous to count. I could try describing just how precious those times were...but words would never do it justice. Now that the dearly missed friends are no longer here, the apartment feels emptier than usual even though nothing changed. I suppose when amazing presence comes, and then goes, the void becomes magnified.

Cheers to friends who light up my life. Cheers to friends who stay. Cheers to friends in joy and sorrow. Cheers to friends who are like no other. Cheers to friends like these.

I am thankful.


The Ride So Far

November is almost drawing to a close. The month has been a month of many firsts. Well, actually...the year has been a year of many firsts. There have been bad firsts...and then there have been good firsts. Amidst all of that, I vividly see one thing that was and continue to remain constant: God's faithfulness. It has already been quite a ride and I am almost apprehensive about what December is going to bring. Snow, perhaps. Haw haw haw. (My sheer lameness is definitely to be envied.)

This semester, just like the last, has been challenging in its own way. God has been bludgeoning my pride into pieces, which need to be further ground into dust. I am thankful that He is chiseling away the parts that need to go, although I can't say that I am enjoying the bludgeoning process. Since the first day of the semester, not a day has gone by that I don't think about what I should walk away from university with. Degrees, and then some. God has been quick to remind me that I can count on His marvelous plans. Sadly, googilians of brain cells have still been sacrificed through unnecessary worrying and stressing out. Le sigh.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I am anticipating the arrival of two dearly missed friends from states up north as I type this. The apartment is as immaculate as it can get and as ready as it will ever be for the awesome visitors. My excitement for this mini-reunion of sorts got me hopping around with glee in the apartment earlier. There is really reason to be thankful. The good times are rollin'.

P/S: A shout-out to the horses and chariots of fire in my life. I encounter God everyday because of you. There is nothing more precious. 

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" -2 Corinthians 5:17