A Popcornful of Joy

Today was a marvelous day. I jumped out of bed in the morning; very much excited to head to the Farmer's Market since it was going to be the last one for the year. Once my friend and I got there, we set out on executing our mission...while being distracted by the banana bread and a massive bag of popcorn we decided to buy along the way. The highlight of my morning, aside from accomplishing our tiny mission, was the conversation I had with a friend we bumped into at the Market. Words to remember: "Go for it. We all die in the end." Highly encouraging, I tell you! (No, really. Pardon my being sarcastic about being sarcastic.)

Afternoon came and we walked back home in the most beautiful weather. I munched on popcorn some more and worked on getting some things on my to-do list cancelled, like doing laundry, and reading, and uh, eating more popcorn. Oy.

Fast-forward to the evening and I was in church having quite a blast. It was the annual Harvest Fall Festival and the dessert entrees for the Dessert Competition just about made my night. What had really made my night was square dancing in a dress which flowed to the ground and in the company of great friends. A non-Justine experience, I must say. But a fantastic one. God is good.

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