Wiping Waves

Today was a tragic day. Just kidding. It was fantastic!

I jumped out of bed this morning and left to meet up with two precious college friends -one of whom I had befriended just when I had closed my college chapter and she had just opened hers.

Post-outing, my mother dropped me off at the orthodontist I had been going to (since I was twelve) for a check-up. When I was called in the room of doom, I handed him a shiny pack of peanut butter cookies from the States but it did me no good. In the end, he had my tooth sawed a little for the second time throughout my light-metal years. And then he made a comment about my wisdom tooth... Oh dear!

Post-appointment, my father came back from work and we all left for some delicious German sausages in belated celebration of my father's birthday. After much hinting on my part, my parents finally allowed me to get behind the wheel for the ride back home. It is certainly, and sadly, a truth universally acknowledged that my driving skills are close to non-existent...and as I drove I thought about the times the car and I had one too many close shaves. But God was always near and moved my hands and feet at just the right moments. I am happy to report that my parents and I got back home in one piece. Or three pieces, more like. Ordinary news, but big things can happen in the littlest moments. And I praise God for His great protection that never takes a break.

With less than a month back home, my restlessness has been fluctuating in the most uncool manner. But God has been wiping the giant waves of discouragement with a supersize killer wave of encouragement from the people He has placed in my life. God is mighty cool like that. Huzzah!

Tomorrow, I will still lack sleep. And perhaps a little bit of blood. But not God's love! I am most definitely looking forward to the day. And should most definitely head to bed now.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." -Romans 15:13


The Big Blessing

In the words of a sister-in-Christ, God has been blessing my socks off. Australia was a complete blast. Seeing my beloved brother and cousin sister had been more than enough, but God further blessed us with making sure our ten-year-old dream of scaling Sydney Harbour Bridge came to pass...and enabling us to be part of a mega-huge worship concert...and providing the most exquisite food during every meal...and being the very center of our conversations...and giving us joy like no other. The good times were beyond plentiful! And the good times are still rollin'.

God's goodness never fails to blow me away each and every time. I don't know how much more blown away I can be, but I reckon...a whole lot more. When God blesses, He blesses big-time. And if I am rid of the flaw of being consumed by my circumstances when the going gets tuph, I can see that not a day goes by without His blessings. I know that with all my liver though. God is good.

P/S: Feeling a little giddy now all thanks to having this song on replay and the insane spamming that's occurring over at Facebook between the dearest of friends.
PP/S: A-hunga-hunga-hunga-hunga!
PPP/S: I repeat, a-hunga-hunga-hunga-hunga!Link