A Time for Time

Today was a very productive day. Did some eating, some packing and some planning. Tomorrow will be slightly bittersweet as I leave very precious people to see equally precious people. The daunting thought that my time back home is running out has been plaguing my mind. But my times are in God's hands. And His timing is beyond perfection.

My hands are going to be pretty full tomorrow. Time to call it a night.


Danny said...

I got your postcard today! A trip to Malaysia to eat good food and visit the place in the picture is really tempting. If you ever visit Washington, there are plenty of places to get good food and explore as well. Thanks again and I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Justine said...

Hey Danny, so sorry for replying late. Didn't have much access to the World Wide Web before this. Thanks for letting me know the postcard arrived! You're most welcome. :) I am enjoying my Summer. I hope you are, too! =)