Past Blast

Today was quite an eventful day. After exchanging primary and high school tales with a dear friend over brunch, I came home and decided to rummage through my drawers out of boredom...and immediately got blasted back to the past. Reading through the diary I had written in back when I was in high school added fuel to my trip down memory lane as well. If Past Justine were sitting right next to me as I read it, I would have liked to choke her at some parts...and hug her at other parts. It is quite a feeling to read the many pages penned down by my past self and realize how much I have changed and how much I have not. It is an even greater feeling to experience God's faithfulness beyond the written words and see how He was as faithful then as He is now. My particular favorite entries had been the one with the poem about my laziness and how I was going to screw up the upcoming exam...and the one ending with the disclosure of my need to pee since the start of the entry. A whole lotta wisdomful stuff in there, I tell you.

Evening came and I decided to watch a locally-produced dramedy as it was recommended by a friend who literally rolled on the floor laughing while watching it. The movie's sheer ridiculousness did not disappoint, although I did not roll on the floor laughing while watching it.

Tomorrow will be a bit of an interesting day. I am looking forward to the joys that God will bring tomorrow. He is always good.

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