The Blasted Summer

Europe was nothing short of marvelous, especially the ice-cream which deserves a special mention. The elderly people who were in the tour group were nothing short of marvelous as well, and taught me a lot about aging gracefully. Despite the European souvenir I received in the form of a rash, a cold and a bad throat, I am immensely grateful my parents brought me along for the trip. Being the ingrate that I was, I deserve quite a bit of spanking.

Today was an especially brilliant day as I managed to spend breakfast, lunch and dinner with the dearest of friends -all of whom I hadn't been able to catch up with in months and even years. It overwhelms me just how much joy can be derived from spending undisturbed quality time with loved ones. I don't know why I never saw it before, but I see it now: People are such precious blessings. Dinner tonight really blew my mind because all four of us had gathered at the mamak stall for the sake of an unsuspecting mini-high school reunion and left being encouraged and prayed for. God renders me speechless sometimes. And I mean that in a good way. The best of ways, really.

Through all the ups that I've been experiencing, there have been many downs, too. Seasons of drought, I would regard them as. And I always hope that they are short-lived. The peace I receive that transcends mere human understanding and which comes from Above helps during times like these. I'm thankful that God is faithful even when I'm not and even at my ugliest. What an Awesome God. Man!

Praying for my restlessness to come to...rest. I know the glorious Man Upstairs is at work.

My heart has heard You say, "Come and talk with Me." And my heart responds, "Lord, I am coming." -Psalm 27:8

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