While on Earth

Today kicked off on a slightly rough note when my father brought back a form for me to fill in for the third time and I failed yet again to stamp my thumbprint on it despite practicing numerous times on a blank piece of paper. Both my thumbs have some serious issues with ink and paper. Oy. Frustrated, my father finally decided to bring me to the office to settle this thumb issue once and for all. Less than a minute later, we were done. Phew.

And then the day got marvelous after that. I had the glorious opportunity to meet up with three other high schoolmates for lunch. We had sat at the eatery for two solid hours until the power at the place decided to die, which was our cue to leave. It was a splendid afternoon spent with dear friends who cracked me up from the moment I left my house until the moment I got back home.

Praise God for the joy that comes from Above.

"Sorry, I'm not in the Milky Way right now." -A possible response to high school reunion invitations in the future by a gem of a friend

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