Love Like BOOM!

Things which made my day today:
1. Chatting with an awesome friend first thing in the morning.
2. Psalm 139!
3. Mail. Lovely mail.
4. The company I had for the all-you-can-eat Waffle Man buffet, and not so much the waffles itself.
5. The death of my controlling (yet unfinished) to-do list and its burial in the dumpster.
6. The revelation that I just might explode from extreme happiness when I see God. It is both a scary and exciting prospect but I look forward to it with great delight!
7. Watching my mother eat her paus on Skype.
8. Watching my dear apartmentmate Skype with her adorable parents.
9. The sheer insanity of God's love and immaculate timing.
10. The rain.

"We forget that God never had an identity crisis." -Pr. Francis Chan

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