Xuan Ze

Today, the better half of the day was spent in the kitchen with three awesome dudettes as we attempted to make chicken curry lasagna and successfully salvaged it when the top layer became charcoal...twice. Teamwork begets rather delicious food.

Then, I glanced at my to-do list and began to freak out when God reminded me that worrying ain't gonna add a single moment to my life. And that He has this covered. So I decided to quit worrying and proceeded to spend the rest of the day in fellowship with incredible brothers and sisters in Christ over dinner. And then delve into a Korean romantic dramedy and several other insanely romantic (Read: cheesy) Cantonese songs all thanks to the hilarious company I had. Needless to say, I was engulfed by too much cheesiness in one night. But it was good to be engulfed in it with two other dear friends.

I am not quite looking forward to the coming week and all the challenges that are heading my way, but God is bigger than any of them. So psh! I will survive.


Faiz said...

We both blogged bout food today!

*dancing jellybean*

Justine said...

High 5!!! *pauhead*