"It's quite peculiar..."

Today, I woke up to a lovely (and slightly horrifying) note saying, "Good morning, my sweetie butter cup honey marshmallow pie!" Although I was and still am unable to comprehend such affectionate terms, I know I am loved. And God is good.

Today, I woke up to the sound of tape sealing the entrance to the apartment door by a very clever friend in conjunction with April Fools' Day. I laugh out loud.

Today, the glorious sky looked like a portrait beautifully painted by an equally -if not more- beautiful Painter. The blindingly white clouds were probably edible.

Today, I had exquisite Japanese food in the presence of amazing company. I am thankful. And way too stuffed.

Today, I told five different people at five different times of the day about my chosen topic for the Geology paper...in pure excitement. Uh...

Today, I thought the day was quite peculiar. And I enjoyed it very much!

P/S: Dedicating my 602nd blog post to the Man Upstairs -my only living constant.

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