The Day Before Yesterday
Jumped out of bed at an unearthly hour for the women's Bible study at 8AM. Came back to the apartment to welcome a dear friend back into LifeGroup. We rejoice in the Mighty One who, unsurprisingly, is working mightily in our lives. Once LifeGroup was over, I got started on the two vegetable dishes for dinner at a church member's place, during which his youngest daughter ate ice-cream with her bare hands. Man, if the adorableness of a child could slay... Post-dinner, we headed to campus for the Malaysian Night viewing party. The highlight of the night had been the insanely salty popcorn. And the highlight of the day had been the utmost precious letter from a terribly missed friend.

Woke up with too little sleep no thanks to daylight savings. Once I got back from church, I squeezed in some time for Math homework before leaving for the Lincoln Kids Against Hunger packing event with two coolsome friends. I had a rather decent and therapeutic time bagging the food with a team of seven other dudettes. What we were doing quickly became mechanical and the sound of each food item falling into the bag began to be rhythmic. It was two hours spent well. When we got back, we laboriously transferred all of the stuff from the balcony into the apartment for the remodeling of the balcony. The apartment now looks like a garage sale. After doing a whole ton of laundry, I went grocery shopping with three other fine dudettes, came back, cleared my room, set up my new Queen-sized bed with the much-needed aid of my apartmentmate, marveled at how much joy a new (and cyan-colored) bed could bring and blissfully drifted to sleep. The highlight of the day was video-chatting with yet another terribly missed friend back home.

Left for classes after having the most incredible sleep ever. Then I had a lovely lunch with two awesome Malaysian Night buddies. On the way back, I spotted a black squirrel for the first time and got a little too excited for my own good. Oy. One of the two friends decided to tag along to the apartment since assignments this time of the semester were o'plenty and we needed to keep each other awake. We ended up talking a lot about the Man Upstairs whilst she shared her beautiful testimony with my apartmentmate and me. I decided to ask her to stay for dinner and made a couple of dishes with my apartmentmate, who is quite the chicken-chopper. I am very much stoked to cook and/or bake for dearly missed people back home. Highlight of the day? Chicken curry! For both lunch and dinner. Too much goodness in a day.

A dude of the seventh-order will be arriving in good ol' Lincoln, Nebraska at night. I am as stressed out over preparing a simple welcome dinner and wishing for the weather to be kind on the day we plan to fly as I am with my upcoming speech and tests. I should probably just serve corn, corn, Cheetos and more corn. But I will not. Because we didn't get any corn on Sunday while grocery shopping. Quite a bummer.

So much to do, so little time but too much to praise God for!

Back to the books.

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