Time for Spring

Today was the first day of Spring break. And it was brilliant.

I got to sleep in for the first time in quite a while and boy did it feel good! Then I got started on my Geology lab work which required me to identify ten aphanitic igneous rocks based on their respective chemical compositions on the Total Alkalis-Silica (TAS) plot. (Point to note: I wish I had made all of that up...but no, the lab question paper made all of that up.)

Shortly after that, I got started on making dinner for three awesome dudettes and yours truly. A little after dinner, I went down to check the mail and saw a very epic postcard from my brother which just about made my week. I actually chuckled and laughed out loud all the way up the stairs back to the apartment, with my heart leaping with joy. (Though he will never know of such a horrific reaction by sister Yeo.)

The great day ended with all nine of us heading to the theater to watch a movie whose titular character was a talking lizard. And a shrewd one at that. Nifty stuff.

Tomorrow, I will be heading on a two-day sojourn with three extremely excitable dudettes in search of good food...and good museums! Exactly six hours 'til we hit the road.

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