Yesterday, I came back from campus to a couple of grown men remodeling the balcony and Joe the bee buzzing in the apartment. A few hours later, we had a new green balcony and Joe the bee still buzzing in the apartment. At night, the awesome friend arrived and the welcome feast prepared by a precious friend and yours truly was quite a success. All of us were insanely full and probably still are. Oy.

Today, I am stressed out big-time when I have no reason to since God has told me way too many times that He has got all my worries covered. So I will try my best to do away with the stress.

No stress! No stress, I tell you!

I may be failing at doing away with the stress but I will keep trying. Although this stresses me out a little bit as well. But no stress!

P/S: It is only 1.12PM and the day has been crazily beautiful. Just like the Man Upstairs. Looking forward to the rest of the day...without stress!


Faiz said...

Just noticed your up-to-date blog.
Liking the title!
Creative mind you got there.

Ps//Chill lah. No need to stress!


Justine said...

Hehe, not mine to claim! It's from a verse in the Bible which is now one of my 'life' verses. Hehe. :) Thank you, yes, am stress-less now! Spring break is here!!! :D