Soli Deo Gloria

Today, I woke up with twelve hours of sleep. And spent the next twelve doing my small part for Malaysian Night. Four-hundred-and-fifty copies of the booklets were finally printed and I actually sprinted for the Copy Center. I know many will leave their respective booklets on the tables not caring about it at all, but I do. And I know God does. So all will be well. I am excited for tomorrow to come to pass!

Today, the President (of NUMSA) and I went on a little roadtrip with the very patient VIPs in the back seat as we drove past the hotel and saw the highway stretch out in front of us. I don't know about them, but I had a pretty brilliant time riding shotgun and getting to know all of them a little bit better. I hadn't known how madly in love the President is with frisbee. Nor had I known how understanding the two VIPs were as we had sort of disappointed them one too many times from the minute they touched down at the airport. Aiyaya.

Today, the Head of the volunteers decided to give me the first NUMSA T-shirt out of the box and told me he was to be the last to take one for himself as his priority was to everyone else first. I was immediately reminded of my mother, who always tells me to do the same thing. And so my heart swelled with pride for said friend. He is pretty awesome. And I had only discovered yesterday that he lives where I live back in Malaysia. Oy!

Today, a most precious soul halfway around the world leaves teenagedom and takes her first step into adulthood. The most blessed and fantastic 20th birthday to her. As the both of us approach yet another challenging stage in life, I pray that we will continue to keep the friendship burning for God. Because if there is one thing I know for certain that I can bring with me with each passing year, it is this friendship. I have been bringing it with me for fifteen years now. I will continue to do so for as long as I am breathing. She is definitely one for keeps, and I am immensely thankful for such a friend in my life. Praise God for the all-things-adorable- and Winnie-the-Pooh-lover.

Today, I was pretty unlovable and plenty annoying in a million different ways. Yet God loves me still. My heart is at peace.

T-17 hours 'til the Big Malaysian Event. Yeah man.

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