Rock on Fire

A couple of friends and I have been consuming a lot of green beans lately because I had brought an entire tray of green beans back from the balance of food left over from Malaysian Night last weekend. Green beans in my rice, green beans in my noodles, green beans on my empty plate. Good stuff! No, really.

All of yesterday and today, I was able to get done a few things I had been meaning to do. I was, however, unable to attend both my morning and only classes today because I had woken up to discover that one had already ended and one was just beginning. And the thought which ran through my head just a second before I had opened my eyes was, "Wow, this five minutes of snooze is pretty satisfying and long." Oy. Uncool.

Besides waking up to missed classes, I had also woken up with a very hungry tummy and the sight of an incredible friend's M&M cookies which, when enlarged, makes the mouth water.

I am very much looking forward to returning home for the summer. God's hands are moving and there is much to live for.

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