Nuthin' Much

Today, I woke up to a very lovely artwork by my very loving apartmentmate-slash-guardian. And a very important text message from a very important friend back home which made my heart full.

Today, I met up with two awesome friends for a wonderful chat about the Man Upstairs over a filling beverage of chocolate smoothie with blended strawberries and bananas. And then I met up with four other equally awesome people after that for a wonderful chat over garlic bread about the Malay language, Spring break plans and green beans.

Today, my quirky Math professor told the class that he had "screwed up" his Arithmetic back in the day. Hmm.

Today, the last of the green beans is no more.

Today, God showed me His love. And it looks pretty flippin' amazing. Feels pretty flippin' amazing, too.

P/S: I clearly need to read more. My over-usage of adjectives is driving me nuts. Please forgive me.


Faiz said...

Good to know Justine, good to know.

Oh and you made my mouth water from the description of your smoothie.



Justine said...