K to the C

The short but very fruitful trip to Kansas City, Missouri was quite the bomb. Since I have developed a fond liking (and obsession) for lists, I shall mention several awesome things we got to do there:

1. Have Korean, East African, American, Chinese and Japanese food in the two days of vacation. And all of them were nothing short of exquisite.

2. Visit an art museum and a train museum.

3. Observe very rad buildings at Downtown and at the Plaza.

4. Try frozen custard that had too much yum. And chocolate.

5. Hunt for tea in the middle of the night when most shops were closed.

6. Star in an intense game of Monopoly with four other loony dudettes.

7. Shop at an insanely huge oriental supermarket that was the ultimate Asian food haven.

8. Visit a cultural market place that had a very quaint tea place with an incredulous variety of flavored tea leaves.

9. Participate, or rather, listen to very interesting conversations -both on the road and over good food.

10. Marvel at the beauty of God's works.

I leave for yet another state tomorrow with a number of brothers and sisters in Christ for a small mission trip. This would be my first mission trip and I honestly don't know what to expect, but I know God's best will come forth. And now, I shall retreat to my chamber and answer the fervent cries of my comfortable bed.

Until Sunday!

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