Just poppin' in:

Malaysian Night 2011 was quite the bomb.

My lovely apartmentmate spent more time working on how I looked for the night than she did on herself.

The new faces at church today were a delight.

Lunch was absolutely incredible in the great company of phenomenal friends...and phenomenal food.

Clean-up at the event venue was filled with lots of epic prop-destroying action.

The online test went much better than I had expected it to.

Japanese buffet in the city with the committee in celebration of the night's success was simply splendid.

Received many folds of grace today, as I do every other day.

All glory to the Man Upstairs.


Faiz said...

Am happy to know the event went without a glitch. Am happy for you Justine.


Justine said...

And I am immensely happy that you share my joy. =)