An Epic Proportion

Today, I flew a plane.

God is good.

P/S: My brother had also created a superbly ingenious yet senseless poem on Geology, which I will share soon...once my adrenaline starts to mollify.

PP/S: Can't quite describe the feeling of having the controls (albeit for a short while) in the cockpit and sharing the indescribable joy with marvelous friends. I am at bliss!

PPP/S: The view from the pilot's seat looks pretty spectacular.


Ikitron said...

Wow you flew a plane? I also flew!! :D

p.s in case you didnt know my new blog address is http://ikhsanvaniki.blogspot.com/


Justine said...

Wowzah, what a coincidence, eh??? :P

Joyce said...


Justine said...

UH-HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===)))