Today was a highly eventful day. I woke up this morning to participate in a survey regarding family and college as extra credit for my Communications class. The fifty-minute long interview ended up being only twenty-minutes long because of all the speed-talking which took place between the interviewer and me. Oy.

Then I read a very beautiful email by a dear friend and grinned like a loony for the longest time. Words from the heart are very precious...and sometimes absurd, too. Haw haw.

Just before heading off to lunch with two hip dudettes, I received a text about a possible bomb threat at one of the buildings on campus. The threat was lifted shortly after that. Freaky.

Post-lunch, we headed to the bookstore to chill...and chill some more. Then night fell and a dinner of rice and three dishes was whipped up within thirty minutes by my very skilled apartmentmate and the unskilled yours truly. Since we were rushing to continue with plans for the night, we finished our gigantic plate of dinner in ten minutes...which explains why my tummy is feeling rather peculiar at the moment.

Post-dinner, I spoke to my mother on Skype and discovered a very cool fact about my brother attending church every Sunday now. Yeah man.

Post-Skype conversation, my apartmentmate and I left for church and prayed with the rest of our brothers and sisters in Christ for three hours around a bonfire. The heat had almost set my butt aflame but the warmth from both the fire and the presence of God's family was incredible. God is awesome.

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." -Phillipians 4:13

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