Better Day

I am spent, yet overjoyed. I am spent for so many reasons, but overjoyed for so many more...as I will list below:

1. I had my cousin sister and brother for virtual company at the other ends of the globe as I stayed up until 6AM the night before last whilst Googling mouth-watering pictures of Malaysian food to complete the largest chunk of the booklet. Praise God for family.

2. It had felt incredible holding the booklet physically at long last. A lot of people had given a lot of themselves in the making of this booklet and I am immensely thankful. God is good.

3. My Geology professor from last semester had taken time out of his schedule to meet up with me to discuss the possibilities of an undergraduate research or a head start on a senior thesis for me. I honestly don't know what the future holds as I continue to pursue my degree in Geology. But I am trusting God to provide the best He has in store for me.

4. Three beautiful friends had called/woken me up this morning to make sure I would make it to my Differential Equations exam today. So wonderfully blessed by the Man Upstairs.

5. A friend's hilarious remark when I had told him what traditional costume I was going to wear for Malaysian Night 2011 made my night, regardless of whether he was being serious or not. I had been receiving very strong objections from two dear friends over said costume because, quite honestly, it is a little bit...sparkly. So it was only natural for me to laugh like a loony when he said, "I like it! It's very Vogue." But against our better judgment, I shall trust his judgment. And look my best for God...as well as figure out how to desparkle the costume.

6. A very dear friend's insanely shocking (and insanely funny) question posed to me had also made my night. What a question! Haw haw. Haw.

7. It is 9PM. Time to crash!

"Better days are on their way. God promises." -Joyce Meyer in Enjoying Everyday Life


Faiz said...

Like #1, 2, 3 & 4.

Oh and definitely #5


Justine said...

Hahaha, I still laugh at #5 when I think about it!