Before yesterday, I had an excellent plan. Yesterday, the excellent plan shriveled up and died due to a very hilarious misfortune. Today, I am going to trust Plan G -the best plan ever.

In other news, yesterday and today were massively productive days. Days that involved a speech, grocery shopping, nail polish-hunting, an ice-cream float, a bag of Lays, the channeled scablands, mail, Geology professors, Facebook madness and God's love.

And now, I am on a quest to vanquish my vampire. Die, vampire, die!


Zeet Zeet!

Geology is beginning to excite and scare (the living daylights out of) me at the same time. I fear!

Red Passion tea tastes amazing.

The SpongeBob SquarePants hoodie has now become my most favorite piece of clothing...after pajamas, that is.

Praise the Man Upstairs for people; family and friends alike.

That is all.

God is good!

The sun rises and the sun sets, then hurries around to rise again. -Ecclesiastes 1:5


Hey Yeo

"Yes, I just remembered what I wanted to tell you. I Skyped with your Koko [brother] a few days ago. He was laughing and saying that the both of you sent a card to each other WITHOUT informing each other and both received from each other the card at the SAME TIME...he said it was very funny."

- My mother
Massively proud to be a Yeo!


Living Loved

The mission-slash-service trip to Des Moines, Iowa was, in one word, God-filled. Those three days were days of many firsts for me and I am immensely glad that I went. Today was no less of a brilliant day! Spring break has been nothing short of awesome. Life is good. God is good. Aloe vera plant is good.

Cheers to the Man Upstairs!


K to the C

The short but very fruitful trip to Kansas City, Missouri was quite the bomb. Since I have developed a fond liking (and obsession) for lists, I shall mention several awesome things we got to do there:

1. Have Korean, East African, American, Chinese and Japanese food in the two days of vacation. And all of them were nothing short of exquisite.

2. Visit an art museum and a train museum.

3. Observe very rad buildings at Downtown and at the Plaza.

4. Try frozen custard that had too much yum. And chocolate.

5. Hunt for tea in the middle of the night when most shops were closed.

6. Star in an intense game of Monopoly with four other loony dudettes.

7. Shop at an insanely huge oriental supermarket that was the ultimate Asian food haven.

8. Visit a cultural market place that had a very quaint tea place with an incredulous variety of flavored tea leaves.

9. Participate, or rather, listen to very interesting conversations -both on the road and over good food.

10. Marvel at the beauty of God's works.

I leave for yet another state tomorrow with a number of brothers and sisters in Christ for a small mission trip. This would be my first mission trip and I honestly don't know what to expect, but I know God's best will come forth. And now, I shall retreat to my chamber and answer the fervent cries of my comfortable bed.

Until Sunday!


Time for Spring

Today was the first day of Spring break. And it was brilliant.

I got to sleep in for the first time in quite a while and boy did it feel good! Then I got started on my Geology lab work which required me to identify ten aphanitic igneous rocks based on their respective chemical compositions on the Total Alkalis-Silica (TAS) plot. (Point to note: I wish I had made all of that up...but no, the lab question paper made all of that up.)

Shortly after that, I got started on making dinner for three awesome dudettes and yours truly. A little after dinner, I went down to check the mail and saw a very epic postcard from my brother which just about made my week. I actually chuckled and laughed out loud all the way up the stairs back to the apartment, with my heart leaping with joy. (Though he will never know of such a horrific reaction by sister Yeo.)

The great day ended with all nine of us heading to the theater to watch a movie whose titular character was a talking lizard. And a shrewd one at that. Nifty stuff.

Tomorrow, I will be heading on a two-day sojourn with three extremely excitable dudettes in search of good food...and good museums! Exactly six hours 'til we hit the road.


A Geology Poem

Your eyes are like trace fossils,
Your hair is like mid-ocean ridge basalts,
Your body is like a subtropical high pressure belt,
But mostly you are like a zoophycos...I don't get you.

- Jeremy Yeo the Awesome
P/S: If you do not get the hilarity of the poem, may it be an inside joke between my brother and me (and those who know what zoophycos is) forever.

Har har har.


An Epic Proportion

Today, I flew a plane.

God is good.

P/S: My brother had also created a superbly ingenious yet senseless poem on Geology, which I will share soon...once my adrenaline starts to mollify.

PP/S: Can't quite describe the feeling of having the controls (albeit for a short while) in the cockpit and sharing the indescribable joy with marvelous friends. I am at bliss!

PPP/S: The view from the pilot's seat looks pretty spectacular.


Om Nom Nom

Broke three nails today and almost wept buckets (not really).

Had a beautiful little baby chew on my thumb numerous times today.

The Geology exam this time around had gone way better than the first one.

Gave up my cares to God for the googilianth time.

On to my speech outline!

And then it's time for some much-needed crashing.



Yesterday, I came back from campus to a couple of grown men remodeling the balcony and Joe the bee buzzing in the apartment. A few hours later, we had a new green balcony and Joe the bee still buzzing in the apartment. At night, the awesome friend arrived and the welcome feast prepared by a precious friend and yours truly was quite a success. All of us were insanely full and probably still are. Oy.

Today, I am stressed out big-time when I have no reason to since God has told me way too many times that He has got all my worries covered. So I will try my best to do away with the stress.

No stress! No stress, I tell you!

I may be failing at doing away with the stress but I will keep trying. Although this stresses me out a little bit as well. But no stress!

P/S: It is only 1.12PM and the day has been crazily beautiful. Just like the Man Upstairs. Looking forward to the rest of the day...without stress!



The Day Before Yesterday
Jumped out of bed at an unearthly hour for the women's Bible study at 8AM. Came back to the apartment to welcome a dear friend back into LifeGroup. We rejoice in the Mighty One who, unsurprisingly, is working mightily in our lives. Once LifeGroup was over, I got started on the two vegetable dishes for dinner at a church member's place, during which his youngest daughter ate ice-cream with her bare hands. Man, if the adorableness of a child could slay... Post-dinner, we headed to campus for the Malaysian Night viewing party. The highlight of the night had been the insanely salty popcorn. And the highlight of the day had been the utmost precious letter from a terribly missed friend.

Woke up with too little sleep no thanks to daylight savings. Once I got back from church, I squeezed in some time for Math homework before leaving for the Lincoln Kids Against Hunger packing event with two coolsome friends. I had a rather decent and therapeutic time bagging the food with a team of seven other dudettes. What we were doing quickly became mechanical and the sound of each food item falling into the bag began to be rhythmic. It was two hours spent well. When we got back, we laboriously transferred all of the stuff from the balcony into the apartment for the remodeling of the balcony. The apartment now looks like a garage sale. After doing a whole ton of laundry, I went grocery shopping with three other fine dudettes, came back, cleared my room, set up my new Queen-sized bed with the much-needed aid of my apartmentmate, marveled at how much joy a new (and cyan-colored) bed could bring and blissfully drifted to sleep. The highlight of the day was video-chatting with yet another terribly missed friend back home.

Left for classes after having the most incredible sleep ever. Then I had a lovely lunch with two awesome Malaysian Night buddies. On the way back, I spotted a black squirrel for the first time and got a little too excited for my own good. Oy. One of the two friends decided to tag along to the apartment since assignments this time of the semester were o'plenty and we needed to keep each other awake. We ended up talking a lot about the Man Upstairs whilst she shared her beautiful testimony with my apartmentmate and me. I decided to ask her to stay for dinner and made a couple of dishes with my apartmentmate, who is quite the chicken-chopper. I am very much stoked to cook and/or bake for dearly missed people back home. Highlight of the day? Chicken curry! For both lunch and dinner. Too much goodness in a day.

A dude of the seventh-order will be arriving in good ol' Lincoln, Nebraska at night. I am as stressed out over preparing a simple welcome dinner and wishing for the weather to be kind on the day we plan to fly as I am with my upcoming speech and tests. I should probably just serve corn, corn, Cheetos and more corn. But I will not. Because we didn't get any corn on Sunday while grocery shopping. Quite a bummer.

So much to do, so little time but too much to praise God for!

Back to the books.



Today was a highly eventful day. I woke up this morning to participate in a survey regarding family and college as extra credit for my Communications class. The fifty-minute long interview ended up being only twenty-minutes long because of all the speed-talking which took place between the interviewer and me. Oy.

Then I read a very beautiful email by a dear friend and grinned like a loony for the longest time. Words from the heart are very precious...and sometimes absurd, too. Haw haw.

Just before heading off to lunch with two hip dudettes, I received a text about a possible bomb threat at one of the buildings on campus. The threat was lifted shortly after that. Freaky.

Post-lunch, we headed to the bookstore to chill...and chill some more. Then night fell and a dinner of rice and three dishes was whipped up within thirty minutes by my very skilled apartmentmate and the unskilled yours truly. Since we were rushing to continue with plans for the night, we finished our gigantic plate of dinner in ten minutes...which explains why my tummy is feeling rather peculiar at the moment.

Post-dinner, I spoke to my mother on Skype and discovered a very cool fact about my brother attending church every Sunday now. Yeah man.

Post-Skype conversation, my apartmentmate and I left for church and prayed with the rest of our brothers and sisters in Christ for three hours around a bonfire. The heat had almost set my butt aflame but the warmth from both the fire and the presence of God's family was incredible. God is awesome.

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." -Phillipians 4:13


Nuthin' Much

Today, I woke up to a very lovely artwork by my very loving apartmentmate-slash-guardian. And a very important text message from a very important friend back home which made my heart full.

Today, I met up with two awesome friends for a wonderful chat about the Man Upstairs over a filling beverage of chocolate smoothie with blended strawberries and bananas. And then I met up with four other equally awesome people after that for a wonderful chat over garlic bread about the Malay language, Spring break plans and green beans.

Today, my quirky Math professor told the class that he had "screwed up" his Arithmetic back in the day. Hmm.

Today, the last of the green beans is no more.

Today, God showed me His love. And it looks pretty flippin' amazing. Feels pretty flippin' amazing, too.

P/S: I clearly need to read more. My over-usage of adjectives is driving me nuts. Please forgive me.

Rock on Fire

A couple of friends and I have been consuming a lot of green beans lately because I had brought an entire tray of green beans back from the balance of food left over from Malaysian Night last weekend. Green beans in my rice, green beans in my noodles, green beans on my empty plate. Good stuff! No, really.

All of yesterday and today, I was able to get done a few things I had been meaning to do. I was, however, unable to attend both my morning and only classes today because I had woken up to discover that one had already ended and one was just beginning. And the thought which ran through my head just a second before I had opened my eyes was, "Wow, this five minutes of snooze is pretty satisfying and long." Oy. Uncool.

Besides waking up to missed classes, I had also woken up with a very hungry tummy and the sight of an incredible friend's M&M cookies which, when enlarged, makes the mouth water.

I am very much looking forward to returning home for the summer. God's hands are moving and there is much to live for.



There is a time for everything,
a season for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time to harvest.
A time to kill and a time to heal.
A time to tear down and a time to rebuild.
A time to cry and a time to laugh.
A time to grieve and a time to dance.
A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.
A time to embrace and a time to turn away.
A time to search and a time to lose.
A time to keep and a time to throw away.
A time to tear and a time to mend.
A time to be quiet and a time to speak up.
A time to love and a time to hate.
A time for war and a time for peace.

-Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
P/S: So there is also a time for the new Queen-sized mattress to arrive in all its white splendor.

PP/S: And a time to dust myself off and start again.

PP/S: God is as real as real gets!!! (Level-o'-excitement: 23.8/10!!!)



Just poppin' in:

Malaysian Night 2011 was quite the bomb.

My lovely apartmentmate spent more time working on how I looked for the night than she did on herself.

The new faces at church today were a delight.

Lunch was absolutely incredible in the great company of phenomenal friends...and phenomenal food.

Clean-up at the event venue was filled with lots of epic prop-destroying action.

The online test went much better than I had expected it to.

Japanese buffet in the city with the committee in celebration of the night's success was simply splendid.

Received many folds of grace today, as I do every other day.

All glory to the Man Upstairs.


Soli Deo Gloria

Today, I woke up with twelve hours of sleep. And spent the next twelve doing my small part for Malaysian Night. Four-hundred-and-fifty copies of the booklets were finally printed and I actually sprinted for the Copy Center. I know many will leave their respective booklets on the tables not caring about it at all, but I do. And I know God does. So all will be well. I am excited for tomorrow to come to pass!

Today, the President (of NUMSA) and I went on a little roadtrip with the very patient VIPs in the back seat as we drove past the hotel and saw the highway stretch out in front of us. I don't know about them, but I had a pretty brilliant time riding shotgun and getting to know all of them a little bit better. I hadn't known how madly in love the President is with frisbee. Nor had I known how understanding the two VIPs were as we had sort of disappointed them one too many times from the minute they touched down at the airport. Aiyaya.

Today, the Head of the volunteers decided to give me the first NUMSA T-shirt out of the box and told me he was to be the last to take one for himself as his priority was to everyone else first. I was immediately reminded of my mother, who always tells me to do the same thing. And so my heart swelled with pride for said friend. He is pretty awesome. And I had only discovered yesterday that he lives where I live back in Malaysia. Oy!

Today, a most precious soul halfway around the world leaves teenagedom and takes her first step into adulthood. The most blessed and fantastic 20th birthday to her. As the both of us approach yet another challenging stage in life, I pray that we will continue to keep the friendship burning for God. Because if there is one thing I know for certain that I can bring with me with each passing year, it is this friendship. I have been bringing it with me for fifteen years now. I will continue to do so for as long as I am breathing. She is definitely one for keeps, and I am immensely thankful for such a friend in my life. Praise God for the all-things-adorable- and Winnie-the-Pooh-lover.

Today, I was pretty unlovable and plenty annoying in a million different ways. Yet God loves me still. My heart is at peace.

T-17 hours 'til the Big Malaysian Event. Yeah man.


Better Day

I am spent, yet overjoyed. I am spent for so many reasons, but overjoyed for so many more...as I will list below:

1. I had my cousin sister and brother for virtual company at the other ends of the globe as I stayed up until 6AM the night before last whilst Googling mouth-watering pictures of Malaysian food to complete the largest chunk of the booklet. Praise God for family.

2. It had felt incredible holding the booklet physically at long last. A lot of people had given a lot of themselves in the making of this booklet and I am immensely thankful. God is good.

3. My Geology professor from last semester had taken time out of his schedule to meet up with me to discuss the possibilities of an undergraduate research or a head start on a senior thesis for me. I honestly don't know what the future holds as I continue to pursue my degree in Geology. But I am trusting God to provide the best He has in store for me.

4. Three beautiful friends had called/woken me up this morning to make sure I would make it to my Differential Equations exam today. So wonderfully blessed by the Man Upstairs.

5. A friend's hilarious remark when I had told him what traditional costume I was going to wear for Malaysian Night 2011 made my night, regardless of whether he was being serious or not. I had been receiving very strong objections from two dear friends over said costume because, quite honestly, it is a little bit...sparkly. So it was only natural for me to laugh like a loony when he said, "I like it! It's very Vogue." But against our better judgment, I shall trust his judgment. And look my best for God...as well as figure out how to desparkle the costume.

6. A very dear friend's insanely shocking (and insanely funny) question posed to me had also made my night. What a question! Haw haw. Haw.

7. It is 9PM. Time to crash!

"Better days are on their way. God promises." -Joyce Meyer in Enjoying Everyday Life



Today, I finished the poem over lunch and a little bit of Math class. Oy. And yay!

And then I did a bit of unwise guessing for my Geology rock identification quiz. Double oy.

And now I am stressing out big-time over the booklet which is almost kinda sorta nearly done...but not quite. In short, the booklet is not done for printing on Thursday morning. The progress of my revision for the Math exam on that same day hasn't budged from 0.00% as well. But no matter. Because I had really good food today.

Freak out!