Today, my Communications professor showed us a very nifty and brilliant video on conviction in speech. Upon feeling convicted, I went home more determined than ever to get started on the poem I had been planning to write for a very precious soul here in Lincoln who just happened to give me a mini fashion show ten minutes ago in anticipation for the upcoming (and dreaded) Malaysian Night this Saturday. After five minutes of laborious brainstorming, I saw that I had only come up with one line and several words at different ends of the paper. And then I decided that my brain needed a rest from the angst of poetry-writing. I will come up with another line tomorrow. (Hopefully more but I better not make any promises lest I fail myself.)

Twice did I nearly break my week-long fast from Facebook today. Seeing as how I am itching to get back on Facebook the minute Wednesday morning arrives, I think it is best that I refrain from throwing away my time and prolong this fast...until Saturday! Ten days. It is going to be one of my life's greatest challenges. But I can do it. I mean, I hope, like, I can do it, y'know?

Besides having my head pervaded with thoughts on the awesomeness of language, poetic stress and the pains of Facebook deprivation, I also spent the better half of the day slaving for the booklet for Malaysian Night. It is now only 100% (divided by four) done. This is the result of possessing superb procrastinating skills...and zero designing skills.

It is now thirty minutes away from March 2011 and my plans for the night include listening to the sermon my apartmentmate and I had only listened to halfway few days ago...and memorizing volcanic and granitic rocks for tomorrow's Geology lab quiz.

Looking forward to my sleep tonight even though it would be a very short one. And looking forward to the rising sun tomorrow.

Like, over and out?

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