Lesson learned today (a little bit too delayed, if you ask me...or a lot too delayed): People are important.

As important as the color blue in the sky.

As important as words are in a book.

As important as the act of being there.

As important as the five human senses.

As important as the invention of wheels.

As important as zappers in the quest to exterminate mosquitoes.

As important as sambal in a meal of nasi lemak.

As important as the pineapple under the sea.

Well...you catch my drift.

People are important. Immensely important.

Shout-out to the important people I spoke to today: Mother, father, brother, cousin sister, aunt, uncle, apartmentmate, high school friends, college friends and university friends. All within a day. My soul is refreshed.

P/S: Apologies for such cheesiness. I am not quite sure what to do with myself. Oy!


Joyce said...

sambal in a meal of nasi lemak. right on. i miss you baby j! :) hug hug hug.

Justine said...

I miss you dearly. *hugs* Will you be going back to Malaysia this Summer???