Yep. That's it.


Time for November

Haven't been making the best decisions lately. Clearly, something colossal is missing in my life right now. Or rather, Someone colossal. As much as I would want to mention about what I had foolishly done tonight, Future Justine wouldn't be too happy reading about it a few years down the road. So I am going to do away with the bad times and focus on the good times...which include:-

1. Buying a frying pan! I am proud of myself.
2. Successfully making French toast...with the aid of YouTube videos.
3. Skyping with three dearly missed friends from college in succession.
4. Feasting on heavenly nasi lemak yet again in the company of great friends.
5. Getting an extra hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings.
6. Having my awesome apartmentmate curl my hair for the fun of it. On second thought, it may be hovering between a good time and a bad time.
7. Being blessed by the sermon in church.
8. Lovely weather...which will hopefully stay lovely.
9. Receiving little messages from family and friends back home.
10. Ice-cream!

In dire need of new brain cells.