Looking Up

Today, I had "one of those days". I want to rant tirelessly, most of which has to do with my upcoming History midterm, but then I realize with shame that there is much I can thank God for. So I am going to do the latter.

I thank God for:-

1. Waking me up in time for Geology class. I was standing outside the lecture theater, with the rest who were waiting to enter, for the first time in weeks. Not that I am late every other time. I just happen to have ten minutes to spare after hitting the Snooze button multiple times. That, or the Off button.

2. The lovely weather today. It was neither too hot nor too cold and with how the weather has been lately, this is reason enough to rejoice in Him.

3. The short but satisfying nap I was able to take in between classes. Again, I made it to History class by strolling and not sprinting.

4. Ice-cream! Filled with chunks of cookie dough!

5. A gracious friend who granted me permission to print papers which needed to be printed using said friend's printing account. A huge load was lifted off my shoulders the second the last paper was freshly churned out by the printer.

6. Having yet another friend who actually wanted my opinion on something art-related and valued it enough to go with what I preferred. Despite my mentioning how atrociously terrible I am at anything crafty or artsy. Oy.

7. Just the friendliest general education adviser! I have heard many horrific stories of students being assigned uncool advisers. We spent forty solid minutes going over my degree audit and other semester shenanigans; me shooting out question after question, she answering every single one of them without smacking me in the face once. Her patience astounds me.

8. Compelling me to tell my adviser that I was thinking of Minoring in Math because equations are very much missing in my life right now and they are dearly missed. The first thing she did when I said that was smile at me so widely that I thought I had accidentally blurted out that I was craving for Japanese food instead of what I had intended to say. Then she said that I might have already obtained the Math Minor since I had completed all the required Math courses for my major here. My shock was short-lived when she inspected a sheet of paper and told me that I had two more Math courses to go and the Minor would be good to go. Sweetness.

9. A text message from my mother when I took my second nap of the day. In it contained gentle and loving reminders that I am never carrying all the weight on my own. In fact, I think the Man Upstairs is carrying 99.91% of the weight in my life I always seem to complain about, and I am left with the almost weightless 0.09%. And thus begins my attempt to stop kvetching, for the 328419th time.

10. Family and friends who care and light up my life on a daily basis. It never fails to amaze me how much joy I can always get just by exchanging a sentence or two with someone cherished. Absence makes the heart ache like a knife stabbed to the chest. Repeatedly. It is not too pleasant a feeling. Thankfully, though, they are more present than absent. I am at peace...despite nursing a pseudo-wound. Begone, knife in the chest!

The end of The One-of-those-days Saga begins now. Tomorrow will great! God is always good!

Off to munch on bread! At 3.30AM!


Ikitron said...

Bwead is good.

on the other hand.....3.30am like wtf?!

Justine said...

Puh-lease update your blog, I beg of you.

And I have slept later wokay!

Ikitron said...