J is for Joy

Over the past few days, I have:

1. Strained to identify rocks of campus buildings for a Geology pre-lab assignment (and failed to identify them). Fun!
2. Realized that the chirpy worker at the dining hall is the only one who calls me 'lady'. As in, "Good day, lady!" Made my morning.
3. Relished Subway's exceptionally scrumptious white choc-chip macadamia cookies. So fine.
4. Missed a free concert right outside my dorm due to an upcoming Geology quiz and History mid-term. Pshaw.
5. Found utter peace, not for the first time, in the laundry room at the basement. That place is a haven.
6. Delighted in an unusually terse email by a dearly missed friend. Incredible how an emboldened and yellow-fonted HI!!!!! can induce so much joy. That, and a smiley.
7. Sweated bullets over an English mid-term. Aiyaya.
8. Experienced the brutality of the cold. Without the snow. Yet.
9. Packed for my Texas trip tomorrow. Yeah man.
10. Been so wonderfully blessed.

Life is good. Cheers to the Man Upstairs.


elisa. said...


Hehe LADY. (:
Concert apa you missed?

Justine said...

This concert by these two guys...one of whom is from this duo I like called Outkast. Only he is the dude I don't really like...the one I like didn't come. So not much of a loss. Hehe. And this other rapper whom I do not know of... ><

Faiz said...

I just read this!
I think I may know a little bit about the orange Hi!!!!


Justine said...

Of course you do! :P

Faiz said...