An Abudance of Tens

Surprisingly, the days here have been getting increasingly eventful. The coming week is going to be my most hectic week yet. Or rather, my first hectic week here. Oy. Naturally, my urge to blog culminates at a time when my to-do list is at its longest. Double oy. Today is 10/10/10. So with that, I shall post about the past 10 days of my life here. You are advised to stop reading once you hit Day 2.

Friday, Day 1 - Attended Moon-Raya, an event celebrating two Malaysian occasions. Since I was part of the organizing committee, I was granted the prestigious job of scooping peanuts onto people's plates. It was gratifying to be of service to people's plates...but not as gratifying as eating the nasi lemak. The Epic Album had also arrived on this day. Listening to it for the first time -and 375th time now- was and still is momentous.

Saturday, Day 2 - Went for the Geology field trip at a park located an hour away from campus. Vacillated between much-needed sleep and utmost dread the entire ride there. Much to my labmate and my relief, the actual field trip once we got there had only taken 45 minutes and not 4 hours as listed in the course syllabus. Yeah man. Feeling equally euphoric and all sorts of joy because we were finally done with it, my labmate who had sat beside me on the bus and I chatted the entire ride home about the awesomeness of languages and unforgotten dreams of setting our feet in different places around the world. And about fish.

Sunday, Day 3 - Unknowingly left my brain back in the dorm when I went to church and had hot chocolate spill all over my shirt because I was holding a ton of stuff. And that is all I am going to say about this catastrophe. Post-church, a few friends and I had Chinese buffet for lunch which was awesome on so many levels; perhaps not so much the food, but the idea of Chinese buffet itself.

Monday, Day 4 - Took the bus to the mall with a friend. Spent several hours there and was at one point surrounded by way too many guns and crossbows for my own sanity. Post-dinner, I got assaulted by said friend who lifted me up into the air out of the blue. My mind hadn't been able to compute the data feed as a result of that and didn't give me a response I direly needed. So I have not responded to the wordless situation. Yet.

Tuesday, Day 5 - Woke up to a text message, sent by my cousin brother, informing me that my birthday package to him -sent a little over a week ago- had arrived. Then the day got even better when my cousin sister informed me that her birthday package -sent almost two months ago- had also finally arrived. Coincidentally, I had just visited the bookstore's post office that morning to rant about a possible missing package and was also about to file a complaint. Thank goodness I hadn't. I was a happy dudette that day.

Wednesday, Day 6 - Went for the NUMSA (Nebraska University Malaysian Student Association) meeting and had the toughest time yet keeping minutes because an hour-long discussion had ensued on Malaysian food. A minimum of three people had also been talking simultaneously at any given moment. The bag of chips which was passed around was the only thing keeping me sane.

Thursday, Day 7 - Walked into Geology lab to discover that the lab TA had hacked off his very cool ponytail for job interviews. He hadn't looked too shaken up about his ponytail no longer being a part of him, but I am positive that he had felt as despondent about it just as I had. The poor ponytail. I was also fooled into lifting my left arm for thirty minutes on this day. My stupidity amazes me every single time. Another highlight of the day was visiting the Japanese eatery! Not to eat but to check out the menu. A tad bit too expensive, I must say. But they have all the key Japanese dishes which my tummy yearneth for.

Friday, Day 8 - Observed a friend-cum-chef make sambal -the most essential ingredient in a nasi lemak- and authentic Indian chicken curry. I think I kind of know how to make sambal now...but I need to learn how to use the stove first. But other than that, I think I am on my way to being a professional sambal-maker. Cue tears of laughter.

Saturday, Day 9 - Had lovely Malaysian and American food at a church member's nifty place. Was enjoying myself for the most part until the American board game called Quelf was whipped out from the abyss of death and the horror began. The pain I had gone through was and still is unfathomable.

Sunday, Day 10 - This morning, I was blessed by the message shared in church. Then evening came, and it was time for the mini-gathering involving homemade Chinese food. I made the wrong move by deciding to nap an hour before the gathering and almost missed out on mouthwatering chicken rice and chicken curry if it hadn't been for a friend who kept calling for me to go. And thank goodness I went. Delicious!

I suppose when I said eventful, I may have meant food-filled. Next week is going to be brutal...especially the first half of Friday when I have a Geology quiz, History midterm and English midterm back-to-back. And then a plane to catch to Texas. Haw haw.

[Note: The moment of 10.10PM of 10/10/10 passed by as I was typing this post. Psh.]


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Living the American dream :D :D :D

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you eat more authentic malaysian food than I do even when I'm still here.

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AIYA! ><