N to the L

The United States of America has engulfed me.

Well, that, and numerous other things. Future Justine has been invading the crevices of my mind, demanding that I update this almost-forgotten blog. So here I am doing so, with much guilt and shame.

Since leaving the Beautiful Land of Nasi Lemak, I have:

1. Realized that I have never pronounced my name correctly all this while, Americans cannot understand me more than half the time because of my accent -cue gasp- and Malaysian food is to die for.

2. Left my roommate (unwillingly) for another residence hall only to be left by the new roommate. And now I have a new roommate who left her roommate (willingly). Very complex, see.

3. Visited a splendid supermarket and an outdoor mall. Multiple times.

4. Moped over the non-existence of authentic Asian food...and the overbearing existence of American (shocker!) and Italian food.

5. Held meteorites! Eaten ice-cream as meal replacements! Bought books! Completed a series of secret missions! Wept! Gone ice-blocking! Tried Nutter Butters! Done laundry on my own! Seen USAF officers!

6. Grieved over my brother's departure back to Malaysia to eat nasi lemak, my not being there to celebrate my cousin sister's 19th birthday and food outlets being closed during times I desperately needed them most.

7. Seen God in both the little and big things. Glorious.

It hasn't been easy. But it has been getting better with each day; my thoughts going from "I refuse to face the world -unless food or shower beckons..." to "Will I be having nasi lemak today? How 'bout tomorrow? The next day perhaps? The day after that maybe? Or the day after that day?" I only long for nasi lemak now. And I know that even though the day is not nigh, it will come eventually. So it's all good now.


Olivia NLC said...

"eaten ice-cream as meal replacements" hahah NICE!

angiellic said...

Roommates! Haahaha!

Anonymous said...


Justine said...

Oops, sorry guys, for the very late reply! :X

Anonymous said...

i shall name my male child bryan ryan next time : DDD

Justine said...

Anonymous, that is not a bad name! :D