"I Just Got My Hands on One of My Fav Mags!"

January 14, 2006 - Saturday

I feel soooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!

Know why?? Because I just got to purchase Galaxie, the mag I've been craving for since January!!!!!!!! I've been to almost every magazine shop and its all sold out - even at major shops!!

Today, finally, as my dad stopped by a shop to buy something, I caught a glimpse of the word GAL-.. I went to the shop, getting my fingers crossed, and there it is!!!! Only 3 were left - 2 were badly damaged, the last 1 was the best - and I grabbed 1 and bought it straight away!! And I cant believe the price is only THREE dollars!! The mag is TWICE as thick as normal and they're selling at just the same price...!!

I am so lucky!!

The front cover is the super-cute hunk from Smallville, Tom Welling.. He's so cute!! Plus there are 68 posters in total!! Yippie!!

I probably wasnt honest.. Okay, I didnt buy it from a mag shop.. I got it from a GROCERY STORE.....!! Can you believe it??!! Who would've think of buying this fab mag in a grocery store???!! The last place on my mind of getting my hands on this mag was a grocery store, to be honest.. I mean, a grocery store??

Okay, enough yapping.. I got what I wanted..


And this utmost humiliating post marks the end of Past Justine's online thoughts. Thank. Goodness.


mean guy said...

I am curious to know the reason the present Justine is doing this...


im sorrryyy but.. its just funny.. i never knew you well enough lol

evonee said...

wait.. dyou still have this site up??? link link! ahha

Justine said...

Very Mean Guy, the reason is because the web host emailed recently to inform me that my ex-online journal is going to be closed down soon. And also because I have lost all my blogging juices. And it ain't funny!!!

Evone, YOU WISH!!! Neverrrrrr! Besides, everything's out in the open now with the posts from Past Justine. -___-

proud friend said...

it takes a lot of courage to look back into the past (:
i admire that

OliviaNLC said...

AHHAHA.. did you just say someone (other than david archuleta and chris evans) is CUTE?! :P this i gotta print screen and keep for life hahaha. kidding x) nice posts! :D

Justine said...

Proud Friend (with multiple personalities :P), heheh, thank you! You should do that, too. With your old blogs. Haw haw. :D

Olivia, nooooooo, I was silly then!!! Couldn't think straight on what 'cute' really meant!!! Haha. Thank you. =)

Joyce said...

you're hilarious. :D esp the whole thing abt the grocery store. LOL.

Justine said...

Joyce, glad you found humor from my pathetic 14-year-old self... :X

Li anne`* said...

LOL. Epic Win. Blog Post of the Month xD