Cloud Ten

I am, at this moment, feeling nostalgic, overwhelmed and gratified. All thanks to a one-hour mamak session with high school friends I hadn't caught up with in eons. I kick myself now wondering why I hadn't done this any earlier. It goes without saying that I had a superbly great time doing absolutely nothing but chatting with friends over Malaysian food. The ease and joy I had felt didn't have many precedents. I have always missed high school...but boy am I missing high school more than ever now! What I would give just to be in that blue uniform for just one more day. But that chapter of my life has long been neatly closed. And will remain a favorite in my book of Adolescence.

The mini-gathering tonight made my week and it crushed my liver when I had to leave all-too-soon for a family dinner. But the weekend is nigh and I am looking forward to hopefully meeting these awesome people yet again! And a bunch of other equally awesome people. Heehee.

So blessed. Too blessed. What an incredibly amazing God who is in control of my life.

Ah, such absolute bliss.


Kiki said...

Don't crush your liver -_-

I'm gonna miss you lols. Hopefully one day, we'll make a trip to US and visit you there. Keke.

Justine said...

Hehehehe, my liver is still alive and well now! :P Gonna miss you, too. Yes, we will meet again!!! Either where I am at or where you are at or back home here! Hehe.