I have reached Nebraska. Jehovah Jireh.

And that is all the update I have for now. Haw haw haw. Too many thoughts and too many emotions within me. Feeling overjoyed and saddened. Feeling tired and charged up. I am a confused soul roaming the States.

Until the next one!


This Is It

Today, I will be leaving Malaysia for the United States of America to study.

Yeah man.


Just Like Heaven

Today was such a glorious day. High school friends and family. Just the loveliest combination of the best company one could ever ask for.

My heart is so full. And my tummy, too. God is...heavenly.

May the good times roll.


Cloud Ten

I am, at this moment, feeling nostalgic, overwhelmed and gratified. All thanks to a one-hour mamak session with high school friends I hadn't caught up with in eons. I kick myself now wondering why I hadn't done this any earlier. It goes without saying that I had a superbly great time doing absolutely nothing but chatting with friends over Malaysian food. The ease and joy I had felt didn't have many precedents. I have always missed high school...but boy am I missing high school more than ever now! What I would give just to be in that blue uniform for just one more day. But that chapter of my life has long been neatly closed. And will remain a favorite in my book of Adolescence.

The mini-gathering tonight made my week and it crushed my liver when I had to leave all-too-soon for a family dinner. But the weekend is nigh and I am looking forward to hopefully meeting these awesome people yet again! And a bunch of other equally awesome people. Heehee.

So blessed. Too blessed. What an incredibly amazing God who is in control of my life.

Ah, such absolute bliss.



Haven't had peace of mind in days. I don't know if it's the jitters or the anxiety or the madness or a combination of the three, but my head is quite an uncool place to dwell in at the moment. The transition to the United States doesn't seem to be going as I had it planned eons ago. But as of two seconds ago, I have decided that I have no reason whatsoever to be kvetching. This is going to be quite an adventure!

Besides trying to hit the mental brakes and seeing the darkness in every lighted, uh, area, I have been and will still be catching up with a whole bunch of people who power up my life like a 500-megawatt solar plant. I have also been embarking on mini-adventures with my family, cousins and friends -in preparation for the biggest adventure yet, perhaps. Life has been great, God has been ever-present and I am slowly beginning to feel mushy so I shall stop short on this note.

On another note, however, the preparations to the U.S. of A have been driving me up the wall. I don't mind having to call the university every now and then and speak to five different offices to get my questions answered; I don't mind stuffing myself with Malaysian food to face the complete lack of it over there; I don't mind making checklists and ensuring that things go as planned. But it's the immensely time-consuming packing that makes me want to pull every single strand of my hair out -with extensions or not. I made a little bit of progress today by sorting out the clothes I intend to bring there in one of the luggage bags. But that is about all I've done and I am not looking forward to the rest of the 95.72% of packing.

On yet another note, I am going to be having a Nebraskan roommate because the single room I requested for at the university's residence hall ran out, I am assuming. She has quite a cool name and replies messages I send to her. I am both glad and relieved that we are getting off on the right foot. Stoked, as always!

Trusting the Man Upstairs to pave the way ahead.

P/S: I realize I am "but a mere diminished shadow" of Past Justine. Well, Present Justine can't help it!
PP/S: The most gigantic shout-out to the Yeo family, which has been too cute for words and overwhelmingly understanding. More so than I can ever be, and I am beyond grateful.
PPP/S: I have issues which have issues. No kidding.


"I Just Got My Hands on One of My Fav Mags!"

January 14, 2006 - Saturday

I feel soooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!

Know why?? Because I just got to purchase Galaxie, the mag I've been craving for since January!!!!!!!! I've been to almost every magazine shop and its all sold out - even at major shops!!

Today, finally, as my dad stopped by a shop to buy something, I caught a glimpse of the word GAL-.. I went to the shop, getting my fingers crossed, and there it is!!!! Only 3 were left - 2 were badly damaged, the last 1 was the best - and I grabbed 1 and bought it straight away!! And I cant believe the price is only THREE dollars!! The mag is TWICE as thick as normal and they're selling at just the same price...!!

I am so lucky!!

The front cover is the super-cute hunk from Smallville, Tom Welling.. He's so cute!! Plus there are 68 posters in total!! Yippie!!

I probably wasnt honest.. Okay, I didnt buy it from a mag shop.. I got it from a GROCERY STORE.....!! Can you believe it??!! Who would've think of buying this fab mag in a grocery store???!! The last place on my mind of getting my hands on this mag was a grocery store, to be honest.. I mean, a grocery store??

Okay, enough yapping.. I got what I wanted..


And this utmost humiliating post marks the end of Past Justine's online thoughts. Thank. Goodness.