Why I Should (Not) be a Class Valedictorian

In points.
Point 1: My 1400-word speech ('Why I Should be a Class Valedictorian') was written in under an hour...and under great stress. It is not a title I want to be associated with. At all.

Point 2: My 1400-word speech was memorized in my sleep.

Point 3: My 1400-word speech was so ridiculously ridiculous that I saved it as 'ohplease.doc' on my laptop. Befitting.

Point 4: I planned to wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to the interview.

Point 5: I wore a skirt, a blouse and a pair of slippers in the end -after a bit of persuading from a friend. Though wearing the slippers had been my (smart) choice.

Point 6: The other three candidates who went for the interview were in formal wear from head to toe, complemented with sleek jackets.

Point 7: I had green streaks of hair -which they pointed out immediately, no thanks to the fact that I was standing perpendicular to the window where the sunlight brilliantly shone through.

Point 8: I had "no positions of leadership".

Point 9: I was a nervous wreck and slurred my entire speech.

Point 10: I had "a lot of self-doubt and why is that so?" Oops.

Point 11: A good friend read my speech and told me straightforwardly that my speech was "too humble" though I wholeheartedly disagree! Psh.

Point 12: There are already eleven points.
In my attempt to be more optimistic -I can see that I am very much succeeding at that- there were actually many parts about the interview which made it, much to my disbelief, fun. The panel of interviewers had been five Heads of Departments, three of whom were my lecturers, and two college counselors I had been bugging all of last semester. The Q&A session was surprisingly very casual and I answered each question lightheartedly and without much care. All of them had a question for me and I replied as honestly and coherently as I could. It was a pretty rewarding experience and although it is quite certain that my fear of speaking in public can rest for a while now, I have no regrets going for the interview and saying what I had to say. Besides, God gave me peace and comfort in that formidable room. And that felt pretty flippin' great.

P/S: I appreciated the moral support, rapid-fire advice and 'lucky' Oreo chocolate blend a dear friend thoughtfully gave me. I smile as I type this, but I refuse to type a smiley face...because this blog would be too weirded out if I did. But I am smiling!


: said...

if you dont get it its totally your fault : <

Justine said...

I did NOT get it! Haha. And you should be studying...although reading my blog would provide you with some much-needed wisdom. :)

Haw haw haw. :P