Visa-ed and Bespectacled

Yesterday, I made a very bad move by accidentally napping for four hours straight. After picking my mother up from the airport at night, I was so wide awake despite my urgent need to get sufficient sleep for my Visa interview the next day (today). The same can be said for my brother. The both of us were up 'til about 4AM and had to wake up at 5.30AM this morning to head to the U.S. Embassy in the city. I spent the entire night willing myself to sleep -but to no avail- and trying not to fall off the chair with a smile on my face as I gazed at this:

My eyes water...with joy and pride.

This morning came five minutes -or what seemed like five minutes- after we finally dozed off and we left the house with barely enough sleep. At the embassy, we were terribly amused to find that security was madly tight. A butterfly probably ain't allowed to fly into the premises without going through two security checks first for fear that it may be carrying ammunition under its wings. Then, we were terribly unamused to find that the waiting process for the interview is probably one of the most boring and somniferous waits we have ever experienced -mainly because we needed sleep, and our cell phones were kept away with security. And my brother ran out of 'Knock Knock' and 'Yo Mama' jokes.

To cut the very long rant short, we both eventually walked out of there around noon time with approved Visas. Praise God, truly! I was feeling so frantic for my brother for so many reasons but God's grace was upon us. We are glad. And immensely relieved.

Post-U.S. Embassy, we went for lunch and met up with our mother so she could take us to get our eyesight checked. I, for one, was not looking forward to it. After many weeks of being in denial, the half-truth eventually was brought to light today and I am going to be bespectacled very soon. But the glasses would only be used for reading, driving and laptop-related purposes. Still. I plan to not wear them at all...though I don't know how long my spectacles strike can last. It is a truth I cannot accept. Yet. Woe is me. My brother, on the hand, has perfect vision despite using two laptops simultaneously every minute of every day for years. I reckon the books have betrayed me.

On a less depressing note, my cousin sister will be here in a few hours for the weekend getaway with my family. Good times await!

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