Today, I:-

a) was out for 12 hours with my awesome cousin sister.
b) watched a mind-wrestling movie which made me question my current reality...for about two seconds.
c) had a frog from out of nowhere hop onto my toe for a nanosecond. Aiiee!
d) drove right into a curb -no thanks to my increasingly alarming night blindness- and panicked all the way until I parked at the petrol station to look at the damage which resulted from the ear-splitting BANG!
e) had my second minor accident in just two months.
f) shifted the gear into 'D' right after my cousin sister reminded me to shift it to 'R'; and then shifted it to 'P' so that we could laugh (at my epic stupidity) until our sides ached.
g) semi-accepted the fact that my eyes really need to be checked.
h) realized that it is not always best being alone in the car -like I had always dreamed it would be. Because it is certainly better to have a calm and optimistic person in the car preventing you from breathing into a paper bag at the moment of impact.
i) ate a wonderfully-Malaysian burger...which was unhealthy on so many levels but since I was/am already living...
j) thanked God for family.

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