"My mom's Birthday!!"

January 10, 2006 - Tuesday

It's my mom's birthday today!! Can you guess how many years old she is?? Nah, I bet you can't.. Well, she's 51.. I know she's a bit old but she is young at heart.. The way she dresses, she has a better sense of fashion than me.. That I must admit.. So anyway, she's a great mom.. A very GREAT one!!

I felt really guilty cos I didnt get her a present yet, but it's no biggie.. I'll let her choose what she really wants and then I'll pay for it.. I know, I'm mean and I shouldn't do that.. But I really had no time to go shop for her cos we were at home all the time.. OK, I'm kidding.. But where we went, there was nothing unique or special, so I couldn't get anything special for her..

I got her a pair of earrings for christmas though!! And its not even close to cheap, it costs 50 dollars..!!

Gotta go, bubbye!!

Lots of sharing, Justine.

Again, some throwing up involved in the making of this post.


: E said...

(i think you should bring back utilization of emoticons in your future posts)

hehehehhehe the word verification thing asked me to type in tritypodd

treety pooodddd : DD

lots of sharing,

Justine said...

Past Justine doesn't like you. Hmph!