Today started off terribly and ended splendidly. I had many plans for the day and kick-started it by driving to college to meet the counselor so that my many questions can be answered. After that was done, I dejectedly walked to the church office two blocks away to inform the pastors that my internship is now a no-go based on the many answers I received earlier from the counselor. Unfortunately, Monday was their day off. So I left a message.

Thirty minutes had barely passed since I arrived in college when I walked back to the car and saw a piece of white paper gloriously flapping on my windshield; it was a parking fine. I freaked out momentarily before I made several calls which further freaked me out. Because driving alone to an unknown place to pay the fine was definitely not part of the plan. After a few assuring words from a few awesome people, I decided to pay the fine later this week. End of Worry #1.

Worry #2 began when I realized I didn't know how to get to my cousin sister's place from college. With my brilliantly clueless driving, I ended up on the opposite side of the highway. Lovely. After edging closer and closer to my home, I finally managed to take the U-turn to get to the correct side of the highway. It was not fun. At all.

The plan resumed when my cousin sister and I arrived in the city in gleeful anticipation of the mini-trip to Petrosains; something we've been aiming to do since The Cousin List was conjured. Our hopes were mercilessly dashed, bludgeoned, smashed and obliterated when we discovered that the entrance looked deserted not because it was a weekday, but because it was closed on Mondays. Picture us stomping our feet and ripping our hair out here. Mentally. It was a devastating moment.

After thirty seconds of sadness, we consulted The Cousin List and zoomed to another mall with renewed hope. This time, we were not disappointed. We did some really precious things together and I had an awesome time with my very awesome cousin sister. She rocks big-time...even though she forced me to down a piece of sashimi for the first time today. I can't wait to cancel off more items on the list with her in the remaining weeks!

Tomorrow: Brother's graduation. Interesting.

P/S: Something is going on right now...and as much as I don't want to admit this, I am so afraid of what's to come. But God told my family and me not to worry about tomorrow. So we won't.

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