Bon Day

Today was an exhaustingly fun day. Exhausting because I drove a lot, got stuck in the jam a lot, walked a lot and sighed a lot. But fun because I got to spend it with a dear high school friend I hadn't met in eons, got to attend the annual Bon Odori Japanese festival for the first time, got to participate in the cultural dance which I got a huge kick out of but wherein I made a happy fool of myself, got to savor exquisite Japanese food and got to laugh and smile a ton. What I had thought would be a very gloomy day turned out to be an incredible one in which I had the time of my life -just with a word of prayer. I am in awe of God's abounding love.

In other news, I seem to be mentally and emotionally refreshed every day but physically tired no thanks to the strenuous activity I have been doing lately, which is watching movies back-to-back on my laptop. Oy. Also, the painfully awful need for me to drive at 10km/h on the highway earlier tonight because of the insane jam has made me spent. But not completely because I could still stay up for a movie. Now I'm completely spent.

Over and out.

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