Why Research is Important

Colorado School of Mines [1st to accept]:
Pro: The name says it all. Perfect for any geological courses. (And, well, closer to Utah.)
Con: Does not offer Geology major.

University of Nebraska -Lincoln [2nd to accept]:
Pro: Awarded a substantial amount of annual scholarship.
Con: Not recognized whatsoever for Geology. (This was my back-up, you could say.)

University of Minnesota -Twin Cities [3rd to accept]:
Pro: All of my credits were transferable except Malaysian Studies. Amazing.
Con: Geology major has been discontinued since January this year.

University of Wisconsin -Madison [4th to reply/1st to reject]:
Pro: Great for Geology, have good company, highly reputed, lovely residences.
Con: Application was never reviewed and thus, admission was denied.

Today, I went from feeling great to hitting rock-bottom to immensely relieved and overjoyed. Of course, the fact that my plan hadn't worked out tore me to pieces at first. But then, by God's grace, He gave me great comfort in the form of family, friends, healing words and the Holy Spirit. My plan must really suck for God to not want to go with me this August to a single one of the universities I applied to. But I won't go if He isn't going. So I am bidding goodbye to August in America and hello to six months of...uh, something...and January in America, hopefully.

This application has taught me a whole lot even though it didn't turn out to be directly fruitful. I made many mistakes and these are circumstances I am going to have to deal with with God by my side. Impatience, selfish ambitions, arrogance, doubts, worries, fears, hardheadedness -they all have to go. I pray they do.

Application Process: Resume!

We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall. -Proverbs 16:33