Out and About

Today was a great day for a myriad of reasons. I woke up with plans for the day and had a very amusing chat with my mother over breakfast about showers and how I was already proven to be stubborn even through the way I shower. Ha-ha! If you do not get it, feel blessed. This can only be a topic of discussion between mothers and their children. Oy.

Post-breakfast, my mother graciously dropped me off at college since I had a few errands to run there. Since my brother's car would have to undergo surgery for quite a while, I had to quit my job due to the hassle in transportation. And so I did -with a rather heavy heart. Then I went to meet a genius of a friend who had published an autobiography because he wanted to give me a copy. I am in awe of him. And gave him chocolate to express that. The chocolate contained raisins, which are brain food. So that he can be twice the genius that he already is.

Post-book-chocolate-exchange, I headed back to the program office and met up with some dearly missed friends. It has been quite a while. A week feels like an entire month and it is not cool at all. Before I moved on to the next Plan O' the Day, I spoke to the lovely program office ladies and told them I was sorry I would no longer be a beacon of light shining down on their desks anymore. And if you thought I was kidding when I typed that last part, I was.

Post-goodbye, I left for the mall with four incredible dudes who are beacons of light shining down on- I kid, I kid. But they are incredible dudes, that's for sure. And always make great company. Today was no different. I had an excellent time goofing around over delicious beverages. Since the shopping season was about to arrive and some shops were already on sale, the dudes decided to check out nifty-looking clothes while I sat down on the bench provided and moped because the dudes' clothing items looked far better than the dudettes'. One of the four dudes even tried his level best to convince me that the glittery, shiny and pink women's watch looked better than the men's. But I was not fooled. Because the men's ones clearly looked more magnificent by a long mile. No contest there. I think all of them have given up hope on me. There was no hope to even begin with. My father will be the fifth dude. Har har.

Post-fun-time-at-the-mall, my friend dropped me off at yet another mall located closer to my home and I had Japanese for dinner as I waited for my father to come pick me up. He ended up getting a youthful-looking T-shirt which suited him and sat for bread and coffee at the mall.

The day was fantastic.

Pigeon cookie and Iced chocolate with ice-cream. Yum-my.

P/S: I deeply regret quitting my job. Even more so when we inquired at the coffee place and discovered that toiling hard as a barista pays as much as bumming around in office half the time does. Not that I bum around in office. Much. Aiyaya.


Kiki said...

The cookie.. SO tempting.. Hope your car gets well soon. =)

Justine said...

Hahaha. I just had it yesterday during lunch and dinner! It is superbly SWEET! :X And thank you. Its operation is almost done. =)