The Last of the College Chapter

Today, I was introduced to 48 truly fascinating minerals, crystals and rocks via a mini geological book which I had finished in one sitting. As I was reading, it suddenly dawned on me that I had not posted my final thoughts on the subjects I had taken on my last semester in college. So here goes:

Or rather, Calculus III. This was the third and final leg of the Math Marathon in college and as always, I had expected the worst -for the first few weeks or so. My very cool and spunky lecturer was definitely one of the best in college and it was truly a great pleasure to be under her guidance for two semesters worth of Calculus. This class confirmed my love for equations even though they sometimes drove me barmy and made me want to burn the ultra-thick textbook which I am secretly fond of. (I have parted with it since selling it to a friend and now I have textbook-separation issues. But nevermind.) As insane as this may sound, solving equations daily actually gave me slight peace amidst all the college madness that was surrounding me. Although I didn't do as well in this as I had in Calculus II thanks to a googilian other assignments and projects which nearly split my very stressed brain into smithereens, I did well. And praise God for that!

Sociology I, also known as the Study of Pointlessness. Oy. Before I explain why, I want to concede that I had really enjoyed all the classes and even -cue gasp!- the Sociology service learning trip to the Orang Asli kampong in Pahang. My lecturer was also one cool woman who always encouraged her students to interact with one another and speak their thoughts aloud. Though that is the very reason why I found this class so mortifying, I chomped down numerous food for thought. I describe it the 'Study of Pointlessness' because the shocking revelations I always discovered every lesson frustrated and infuriated me to no end as there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. And believe me, I really wanted to do something about it. Nonetheless, this subject was a huge eye-opener and as much as I complain about it, I have not one regret. I also did well in it -for reasons which honestly escape me. But praise God once more!

One of the best courses in my college program, hands-down. This class was fantastic for many reasons but mainly two: my 70-year-old lecturer and my lecturer's top-notch jokes. It is definitely a fact that the textbook was interesting in itself because it contained teachings of almost every religion out there. But the class wouldn't have been complete without my very amazing and slightly crude lecturer who is the sole reason why the course is a definite favorite among students. I recall feeling slightly apprehensive before taking the class as I thought it would confuse me spiritually. But all it did was root my faith deeper into the ground and I am glad I got to do that as well as come to know a myriad of other religions in the world. The highlight of the course was without a doubt the tribal group presentation for endless reasons. And the 'lowlight' of it was the excruciating need to memorize an insane amount of definitions and facts which almost fuzed my brain. But, again (I'm sure this is annoying you now), I did well. And once again, glory to God!

Microeconomics, a semi-Business and semi-Math subject. This course confirmed that I am not made for anything business-related even though the lecturer was superb at explaining the facts, relating them to real-life situations...and drawing graphs. Man, I must have drawn close to fifty graphs throughout the course. But it was definitely an interesting subject and I have no regrets pursuing it during the semester. It was also a lot of fun because I got to view situations in a different perspective and the outdoor project we were (Read: I was) forced to participate in turned out to be quite the college experience. Out of all the five subjects I had taken, this was a subject I was sure I would suck in. But somehow the results refused to agree with me because it went against my thoughts and I did well in it. Argh! (A happy 'argh'.) And everyone go, praise God! Praise God, indeed.

A free credit subject: Malaysian Studies. Uh... OK, the end. Just kidding. This class wasn't as bad as I had pictured it to be only because my lecturer was such a tolerant, patient, open-minded, understanding and knowledgeable dude -all the makings of a leader. I say that because I had skipped a few classes, ate in a few classes (no thanks to my merciless schedule on Wednesdays) and probably dozed off in a few classes. This subject, much to my chagrin, made me become the student I never wanted to be. So that is my greatest regret with regards to this course. And as for what I've learned about the government, the law and the people of the country...no comment.

I am now hit with obvious realization that all my classes last semester had cool lecturers. What a privilege. Last semester was quite a challenge with many small rocks and huge boulders along the way, but it was one of the best. I also had the best company 24-7, too, and that Man is no other than the Man Upstairs. My entire college life -both triumphs and failures- are all for His glory. I am happy I made my parents proud. I am glad I made myself proud. And I am most delighted that I made God proud -hopefully, in some small way. And with this marks the end of the end of my college chapter.



Faiz said...

Hi Lady.
So, I decided to hop back to this Blogging business.
See you soon!

Justine said...

Hey stranger-to-the-blogging-world! Welcome back! :D

angiellic said...

Nice layout!
And HAAHAHAHA at "Sociology = study of pointlessness" :P

Justine said...

Hehe, thanks. Just poking around with Blogger's new Design feature. :D

Oh...well, that's true! At least to me. :X Hehe. You plan to take Sociology right? It's really not as bad as I peg it to be. :)